Dan & Amber Kohl Mansion Wedding ( Northern, CA Wedding Photographer)

A little story about this lovely Kohl Mansion Event. Dan originally from Chicago and Amber from Northern California, met in Dallas. They both worked for the same commercial real estate company. They were friends at first but their magnetic attraction for each other made it obvious they would spend the rest of their lives together. I asked Amber to tell us how Dan proposed and I just loved how she shares the story. ” I rescued a pit bull from Portland, OR and have had her for the last 13 years. She rode cross country with me in the passenger side of my car when I moved to Dallas. He put the ring box around her neck and she came slowly walking down the stairs as I was playing the piano. She literally came and sat down right next to the piano bench and looked at me with her big pit bull smile. Dan came around the corner and said ‘are you going to open it’. I cried that he included Sassy in the proposal and he was sure to get a yes with that approach.The Blackhawks were in Dallas on a 22-0 winning streak and he is a huge fan, so he chose that night to propose so we could celebrate at the game, which they won! I think it was a good omen for the marriage.” I just love how creative proposals can be. Dan & Amber chose a destination wedding and California was a great place for an intimate wedding where everyone could meet for a celebration weekend. After looking at many venues, Kohl Mansion was the obvious choice. Every photo was so beautiful and timeless. Amber didn’t use a coordinator but instead pulled from her own amazing coordinating skills. She chose a dress that had clean lines but was grand enough for the venue. Kohl Mansion has a pale green and white ceremony room so Amber chose peach & white flowers to compliment the room. For the reception she chose low centerpieces to make conversation easier and grey table linens with damask runners to contrast the warm wood tones in the reception area. Wow! Amber you brought it all together so beautifully!


Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_4984.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5006.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5041.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5073.jpg Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5096.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5104.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5110.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5120.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5122.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5124.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5159.jpg” src=”http://firefly2u.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Kohl_Mansion-Bride-and-GroomIMG_5159.jpg” alt=”Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5159.jpg” /> Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5192.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5201.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5217.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5233.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5238.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8561.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8599.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8614.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5247.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5261.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5266.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5302-Edit.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5338.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5353.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5364.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5401.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5434.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5442.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5460.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5471-Edit.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5509.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5523.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5606.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5635.jpg Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5639.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5684.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5691.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5694.jpg Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5881.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5961.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_5984.jpg Kohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6129.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6150.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6185.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6224.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6263.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6270.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6275.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6276.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6290.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6304.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6415.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6480.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_6568.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8641.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8665.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8700.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8736.jpgKohl_Mansion Bride and GroomIMG_8967.jpg Florist- Karen Baba of Plan Decor Cake- Gabrielle Feurersinger of Cake Coquette Dress- Victor Harper Coture Venue- Kohl Mansion Photographer- Tracey Hedge Firefly Mobile Studios

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